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Hopes are high!

LEARN TKD members will be competing this weekend at the LTSI English Open and hopes are high that they will do well and bring home the goods. 24 of our members will compete this weekend, quite a few for the first time.  Good luck to everyone.


LEARN TKD Black Belts (and a few TKD friends) travelled down to Margate recently for their annual first aid course.

first aid 2

Although basic first aid certification is valid for about 3 years, LEARN TKD like to attend a course annually if at all possible.

first aid 1

The excellent course was run by Mrs Sue Chapman, the Chief Resuscitation Officer for Kent. Once the course was completed a very hungry bunch of people headed off to the nearest Indian Restaurant for a nice curry. Soon to discover an Indian Restaurant that didn’t sell any!! How bizarre!


Congratulations to Rebecca Wood, officially promoted to Black Belt 2nd Dan.

R Wood promotion

A tough 2013 for Rebecca, teaching her 3 to 6 year olds “life skills” program three times a week, regulary training with the National Team, representing England at the European and World Championships and finishing with her Black Belt Grading at the end of the year.


Sunday 26th January, LEARN TKD Black Belts made up some of the forty three students who attended the ITF England umpires’ course at the Royal Masonic School in Rickmansworth.


The excellent course, organised by the ITF England Umpire / Tournament Director, Mr Nick Symonds, conducted by Mr Matt Gibb and Mr Ken Chesterman and attended by Master Kim Anderson, covered all forms of ITF sanctioned competition for degree holders:

* Individual Patterns

* Team patterns

* Individual Sparring

* Team Sparring

* Pre-arranged sparring

* Power tests

* Special technique

The full-day course took the form of full-class lectures of theory with associated Q/A session and a number of practical sessions. During the practical sessions, attendees had the opportunity to judge patterns that were performed with deliberate mistakes and also ones performed by England Squad members. A number of sparring rounds also gave attendees the opportunity to put the knowledge into practise as a corner judge, a jury panel member or centre referee.


At the end of the course attendees, would be awarded a “B” or “C” class umpire certificate, depending on grade and prior experience. Those with “B” certificates and sufficient experience at ITF competitions would be eligible to officiate at international competitions.


Whether you have aspirations to officiate at international competitions or just to put something back into Taekwon-Do at the national or inter-club level, these courses are thoroughly recommended.