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Junior Kup Grading day

Saturday 29th March saw around 50 junior white belts attending their grading examination from LEARN TKD’s, Aldershot, Alton, Guildford and Fleet classes. It was an excellent display of young talent demonstrating their Taekwon-Do skills with the students being treated to an impromptu Black Belt demonstration by some of the Black Belts helping out. The highest marks of the test went to Henry Evans (Fleet TKD) who received the “Grading trophy”, well done Henry!

Colin Faires

British Army Open Taekwon-Do Competition

LEARN TKD ALDERSHOT student Colin Faires took part in the British Army Open Taekwon-Do competition on the 15th March and returned home with a Silver and Bronze win for Sparring and Patterns respectively. This was Colin’s first Army event since joining the team at the end of 2013.

PUMA World Open 2014

Medal success at the P.U.M.A. World Open 2014

Seven members of LEARN TKD’s ALTON class attended the P.U.M.A. World Open Championships in Swindon on 8th/9th March. The two day competition was very well attended with a very friendly atmosphere through out the whole weekend which saw both ITF and non-ITF competitors competing in Pattern and Sparring events.LEARN TKD had a very successful day, returning with 4 x GOLD medals, 1 x SILVER medal and 1 x BRONZE medal.


LEARN TKD South East Open Champions!!

24 LEARN TKD members attended the LTSI South East Opens on the weekend of the 2nd March and returned home victorious after being crowned overall champions on the day. Around 300 Taekwon-Do students took part from all over the south of England. Notable coloured belt performances included Guildford’s Lucas Pedersen taking Gold in the junior Green Belt Patterns, Alton’s Kerim Mencoglu and Brendan McCormack taking five Gold medals between them and Aldershot’s Mia Collins and Charlie Burton both striking Gold in their first ever competitions. Black Belt results included Laura Fox Longdon, taking Gold in the female sparring and Gold in the “special technique”, with Alton’s juniors taking a very well earned Silver in the Team Pattern event also.