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Alton Sr SOY web

Student of the Year awards 2014

Congraulations to the recipients of the 2014 Student of the Year awards who were as follows…

Alton (senior) – Eoin Hosking (Pictured above)

Alton Jr SOY web










Alton (junior) – Taran Sangha


Aldershot SOY web









Aldershot (senior and Junior) – Steven Pulanco and Josh Ordonez

Guildford SOY sr 2014 web










Guildford (senior) - Maxim Boyce Davies

Guildford SOY jr 2014 web










Guildford (junior) – Sebastian Clayton

Eoin received this year’s award due to his efforts and spirit with regards to competition, his constant drive to push himself in class and his respect and etiquette towards his seniors.

Taran was recognised as he had a bit of a setback when he failed to gain promotion to Blue Belt earlier in the year. But he came back stronger, retested and passed. He also has excellent “dojang etiquette” and is an excellent example to the other juniors in the class of how to behave.

Steven is another example of a student with good Taekwon-Do etiquette, but he was also chosen because of how much he has improved over the last twelve months.

Josh is another of the junior’s that didn’t quite make it at his last grading, but he is back in class and persevering, and is also a good example to the other junior students in his class.

Maxim received his award this year for simply coming on leaps and bounds in terms of physical improvement and just generally being involved with “all things Taekwon-Do”.

Sebastian was chosen by Miss Haymes, 2nd degree (who is currently running the Guildford Junior class). He is always very well behaved and always makes an effort. He always gets on with learning his terminology early on and listens well in class. Another great example for his class mates.

Our other classes in Farnborough, Fleet and Church Crookham haven’t yet matured enough to have a student of the year, but I think that will change in 2015.

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January 2015 class times

The first Taekwon-Do sessions of the New Year will be as follows…

Guildford Tuesday 6th January

Alton Wednesday 7th January

Guildford Thursday 8th January

Ash Friday 9th January

Farnborough Friday 9th January

Church Crookham Friday 9th January

Alton Saturday 10th January

Fleet Monday 11th January

Ash Monday 11th January

If you need any further information please drop us an email at


4th to 2nd kup test results 6th December 2014

As is sometimes the case, there were a number of unsuccessful candidates, but we are pleased to announce promotions for the following people after the comprehensive 6 hour testing on the 6th December 2014.

Nick Stewart, promoted to 1st Kup

Gavin Heffernan, promoted to 1st Kup

Steven Pulanco, promoted to 1st Kup

George Doran, promoted to 1st kup

Peter Morris, promoted to 1st Kup

Eoin Hosking, promoted to 2nd kup

Cian Hosking, promoted to 2nd Kup

Christian Fattore, promoted to 2nd Kup

Jack Gunning, promoted to 3rd Kup.



Junior Tag Test 6th December 2014

Congratulations to the junior white belts who successfully passed their “tag syllabus” test on Saturday 6th December 2014.

Showing off the Taekwon-Do skills they had been studying during the course of the  term and where relevant, performing “4-direction punch” and “Chon-Ji Tul”.


Each child was also tested on their knowledge of Taekwon-Do terminology, by one of the eight Black Belts helping on the day.


This terms trophy winner was S. Wood (above, pictured left), who scored the most points on the day for correct answers and technical performance. Congratulations!  :0)


Grading result 28th November 2014

Congratulations to the following students who successfully passed their kup testing on 28th November 2014.

Lucas Pederson, promoted to 4th kup, Blue Belt.

Adam Williams, promoted to 4th kup, Blue Belt.

Taran Sangha, promoted to 4th kup, Blue Belt.

Nick Triggs, promoted to 5th kup, Green Belt, Blue Tag.

Jessica Fuller, promoted to 6th kup, Green Belt.

Colin Faires, promoted to 7th kup, yellow belt, green tag.

Tyler Edwards Jupe, promoted to 7th kup, yellow belt, green tag.

Sam Peacock, promoted to 9th kup, white belt, yellow tag.

Yrich Viceda, promoted to 9th kup, white belt, yellow tag.

Dean Martin, promoted to 9th kup, white belt, yellow tag.

Jacob Jones, promoted to 9th kup, white belt, yellow tag.

Brandon Jones, promoted to 9th kup, white belt, yellow tag.