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100th International Instructors Course

On the 13th March 2015, most Vision Instructors and some of the associations other black belts traveled to Aberdeen for the 100th International Instructors Course.

Full report on the Vision website – click here

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South East Opens 2015

On Sunday 8th March 2015, LEARN TKD entered the LTSI South East Opens in Hatfield. LEARN TKD had 12 participants attending from Alton, Aldershot and Guildford. First up were the 12 years and under, where we had 6 white belts, a green belt and 2 blue belts participating. Patterns was the first event to get underway, with two of our white belts winning the top two positions in their category. Alfie Tatner (Guildford) won the gold trophy and Reuben Gilbert (Alton) winning the silver trophy. A great achievement for the young white belts, but even better as they had to compete against yellow and green belts!

After the juniors patterns had finished, the competition moved onto sparring. As a whole, LEARN TKD gave their best attempts in the ring, with our own James Troughton (Alton) winning the gold medal in his category. The white belts had it tough in their ring, being mixed in with yellow belts and green belts it was always going to be a rough ride. But all of the white belts did the club proud as they all showed indomitable spirit. In one of the categories, we had Alfie Tatner (Guildford) and Cerys Janaway (Alton) both winning bronze medals. In the other category we had another two white belts winning medals; William Waring (Guildford) won the silver medal and Joss Anderson (Guildford) won a bronze medal. This concluded the morning for the juniors; a lot of effort was put in and it truly showed with their indomitable spirit as well as the trophies and medals won.

In the afternoon it was time for the 13years and over competitors to start their categories. First to win a trophy was Emma Richardson (Aldershot) who won silver in female patterns. George Doran (Alton) then followed with a silver trophy from patterns as well.  Sparring got underway and Emma Richardson (Aldershot) was back up on the podium with a bronze medal, followed by Colin Faires (Aldershot) winning a silver medal from his sparring category.

It was a very successful day for LEARN TKD, gaining a total of 11 trophies and medals between 12 competitors. All participants showed great character throughout the competition and persevered through fights even when they were pushed to breaking point.  A special thank you goes to our officials who helped out throughout the day- Joe Taylor, Tom Taylor and Kelvin Richardson. Congratulations to you all and special thanks to all the supporters, especially the parents.

List of competitors:

William Waring- 10th Kup (Guildford)

James Myers- 10th Kup (Guildford)

Cerys Janaway- 10th Kup (Alton)

Reuben Gilbert- 10th Kup (Alton)

Alfie Tatner- 9th Kup (Guildford)

Joss Anderson- 9th Kup (Guildford)

Colin Faires- 8th Kup (Ash)

James Troughton- 6th Kup (Alton)

Lucas Pederson- 4th Kup (Ash)

Joshua Byford- 4th Kup (Alton)

George Doran- 1st Kup (Alton)

Emma Richardson- 1st Kup (Ash)