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Junior Tag Testing Saturday 5th December

What an epic day of Taekwon-Do! 9 hours of testing with 101 students from our 3 to 6 years and our 6 to 11 years Alton, Camberly, Church Crookham, Fleet and Guildford classes. Fantastic results especially with the Terminology tests, with more that 90% of children scoring 100%!!



A special mention to our four new yellow belts, Emily Culyer and Henry Evans (Fleet class) and Violet Hopkinson and Tom James (Alton Class), and some exciting “breaks” performed by some of the Black Belts helping out for the day, leaving the children inspired and keen to progress.
Well dome to Kelly Scott (Farnborough) and Roux Phipps (Farnborough) for the Grading awards for the highest marks of the Grading. Well dome to Joshua NG (Church Crookham) and Leila Miroui (Farnborough) winners of the pumping side kick competition.
Great to see everyone having such a good time together, and lots of positive feedback from the parents. Keep up the good work everyone.


Kup Testing 29th November 2015 – Results

LEARN TKD held a testing for 10th to 5th kups on the 29th November 2015, and we are pleased to announce the following promotions…

James Troughton 5th Kup
Ella Barker 6th Kup
Oliver Arkell 7th kup
Yrich Viceda 7th kup
Reuben Gilbert 7th kup
Cerys Janaway 7th kup
Christian Mirandeh 7th kup
James Myers 8th kup
Sam Peacock 8th kup
Sam collyer 8th kup
Ryan Davison 8th kup
Melanie Lusted 8th kup (“A Pass” )
Melvyn Brine
Joshua Costelo
Jasmine Costelo
Sunil Thomas
Euan Miller Cook

The examiner for the day was Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree.