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Student of the Year awards 2015

We were a bit slow announcing the various student of the year awards at the end of the year. But hey, sometimes it’s nice to start the new year with some good news. Well done and congratulation Emma Richardson (Below) 2015 Aldershot Student of the Year.

Emma soy









Ali Morris 2015 Alton Student of the Year

Ali soy

Alfie Tatner 2015 Guildford Student of the year

Alfie soy

We also did some end of year winners; one medal for each of the Taekwon-Do Tenets. (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit) These were awarded to all our Junior 6 to 11 years classes. (Fleet classes pictured below)

CCrookham soys






Fleet soys