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Junior test day 19th March 2016 – Results

All of our 3 to 6 years and 6 to 11 year classes from Alton, Camberly, Guildford, Farnborough and Fleet came together for an absolutely massive junior test day on 19th March 2016. Instructors Mr Adams, Mr and Mrs Fox Longdon and four black belt assistants looked after about 130 children over the course of eight hours of fun games, pad drills, terminology and “plank tests”, with a black belts patterns demonstration also. 3 to 6 years earning their next tag, certificate and dobok badge and the whites belts earning their tags and certificates too.

In the 6 to 11 years testings, special mention for Kyran Levey, Oliver Adams, Sonny Wood, Sebastian Clayton, Cameron Williams Wynn, Sami Miroui, and Ryan Hilliar. They all completed their tag program and were promoted 8th kup yellow belt.

Joshua Holloway (Guildford) and Kyran Levey (Alton) both won the “top marks” trophy for scoring the most points in their respective testings. Lucie Warner (Fleet) and Uri Quadros (Farnborough)

Below are some photos of the day….

order web
 dm3 web
 Fleet Fri web
 plank web
 Josh Holloway Top marks web
 BBs web
 group web

Kup testing 12th March 2016 – Results

LEARN TKD held a kup grade testing for White, Yellow and Green belts on 12th March 2016, and as a result, we are pleased to announce the following promotions…

James Troughton promoted to 4th Kup

Josh Ordonez promoted to 4th Kup

Oliver Longley promoted to 5th Kup

Aaron Raguro promoted to 5th Kup

Charlie Burton promoted to 5th kup

Cerys Janaway promoted to 6th kup

Reuben Gilbert promoted to 6th kup

Tyler Edwards Jupe promoted to 6th kup

Christian Mirandah promoted to 6th kup

Julia Morris promoted to 6th kup

Alfie Tatner promoted to 6th kup

Ansa Sunil promoted to 6th kup

Oliver Arkell promoted to 6th kup

Yrich Viceda promoted to 7th kup

James Myers promoted to 7th kup

Emmanuel Mirandah promoted to 7th kup

Theresa Mirandah promoted to 7th kup

Max Sellen promoted to 7th kup

Owen Sellen promoted to 7th kup

Melanie Lusted promoted to 7th kup

Callum Churcher promoted to 7th kup

Louis Wood promoted to 7th kup

Joshua Costelo promoted to 8th kup

Jasmine Costelo promoted to 8th kup

Garry Churcher promoted to 9th kup

Richard Warren promoted to 9th kup

Examiner on the day was Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree.


4th to 2nd kup testing – 5th March 2016

LEARN TKD held a testing for 4th to 2nd kups on the 5th March 2016, and we are pleased to announce the following promotions…

Christian Fattore promotion to 1st kup

Joshua Byford promotion to 1st kup

Donna James promotion to 1st kup

Alarnie Yeomans promotion to 2nd kup

Leah Hewitt promotion to 2nd kup

San Dauncey promotion to 3rd kup

Lucas Pedersen promotion to 3rd kup

The examiners on the day were Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree and Mr Michael Turner 4th degree