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Kup Testing 26th November 2016 – Results

LEARN TKD are pleased to announce the follow kup grade promotions…






1st Kup



1st Kup



2nd Kup



2nd Kup



2nd Kup



3rd Kup



3rd Kup



3rd Kup


Black Belt Test results

LEARN TKD Taekwon-Do are delighted to announce the promotion of Laura Fox Longdon to 4th degree, Stuart Fox Longdon to 3rd degree, Gavin Heffernan to 1st degree and Helen Ray to 1st degree. All four students completed a comprehensive 9 hour testing under the watchful eye of Vison Taekwon-Do Association examiners, Master Ken Chesterman, 7th degree, Mr Tim Dunn, 5th degree and Mr Steve Arroyo, 4th degree.


Stuart Fox Longdon, Helen Ray and Laura Fox Longdon (above)


Instructor Paul Adams with newly promoted black belt, Gavin Heffernan (above)


board members

Vision Taekwon-Do Association AGM

The Vision Taekwon-Do Association AGM concluded on 20th November in Tonbridge, Kent, with the acceptance of the new board. A couple of people stepping down with new positions voted in. The new board for the next 3 years are…

Mr Philip Lear, 6th degree – Chairman

Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree – Secretary

Mr Tim Dunn, 5th degree – Tournament Director

Mr Luke Thompson, 5th degree – Technical Director

Mr Ian Kelly, 3rd degree – Treasurer

The board will work together continuing to increase the profile and development of the Vision Taekwon-Do Association (VTA). Provisional dates for testings, competitions and seminars etc were drafted and will be emailed to the VTA membership very soon.

Italian Open Team

Italian Open Milan 2016

On the weekend of the 11th and 12th November, 11 members of Vision Taekwon-Do traveled to Milan to compete at the Italian Open Taekwon-Do Championships.  A popular competition with the European community. Instructors Mr Phillip Lear and Paul Adams accompanied the team as coaches, along with Mr Steven Bourne who would assist with umpiring duties.
As always, with around a dozen countries in attendance, its a great chance to catch up with friends within the international Taekwon-Do community. But of course, the main purpose of the visit was to compete, and with many former and current World and European champions in attendance it was going to be a tough days competition.
The Vision Team had a good day on the mats with the final results as follows…
Oliver Adams – Gold Sparring, Bronze Pattern.
Cian Hosking – Gold Sparring, Silver Pattern.
James Troughton – Gold Sparring, Bronze Pattern.
Mitch Saunders – Gold Sparring.
Laura Fox-Longdon – Silver Pattern, Silver Sparring.
Other competitors who performed very well, many in their first international competition were Alfie Tatner, James Myers, Leon Elliott, Holly Austen, Joshua Connolly, Steven Pulanco.
Many thanks to the parents of the junior competitors for giving their children the opportunity to compete and for their support during the event.

James T

Pictured above – James Troughton on his way to GOLD in the sparring

The various schools involved with Vision Taekwon-Do will now concentrate on the final tests of the year, commencing with the black belt testing on the 19th November, with further tests for the coloured belts on the 26th November and the 4th and 10th December.