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UKTA English Open 2017

The UKTA English Open Championships, 19th March was only a week before our own Championships, so we didn’t have many people entering this time around. But for the few people that did attend it was a successful day, with some of the medal winners and competitors shown here.





Bytomic Open

We’ve never entered any Bytomic competitions before so on the 5th March LEARN TKD sent three of it’s students along to this event to “test the water”. It was a most enjoyable competition, with an obvious emphasis on getting children on the mat and having an enjoyable experience. Officials and competitors were very friendly and welcoming of any “outsiders”, and our students did really well and came home with plenty of medals.

In the respective categories, Oliver Adams, achieved Gold in the Patterns and Gold in the Sparring. Cerys Janaway won Silver in the Patterns, Gold in the Sparring and Gold in the Team Sparring. James Troughton managed a well earned Gold in the Patterns and Silver in the Sparring.