Monthly Archives: August 2017

tyler plank

Alton Junior plank Challenge

Woah! 6 minutes 30 seconds gets Tyler the Junior Plank Challenge trophy at LEARN TKD Alton. And what a trophy – it’s as big as he is! Well done Tyler. Worth a mention though that all of the children put in a massive effort, with many of them hitting the five minute mark. Wonder if their parents could match that?

donna and kerim web

Black Belt promotions

After an intensive 9 hour testing in Kent last weekend, I am very pleased to announce the promotions of Donna James and Kerim Mencoglu (both from our Alton School) to Black Belt 1st Dan.

I’m sure they will both be valuable assets to their school and to the association in general and I look forward to their continual development in Taekwon-Do.

The next official Black Belt testing will be in November, where hopefully we will see more success. But there is also a senior Dan grade test to be held on 26th August by Master Philip Lear. Fingers crossed for more great new for Alton next week!