Taekwon-Do is beneficial to most age groups and we cater for the following age groups…

3 to 6 years – a once a week 45 minute class, where we teach basic Taekwon-Do skills, along with fun games and many social and life skills.

6 to 11 years – twice a week, one hour lessons for this age range. Lot’s of fun to be had here too, but there is a serious work load also. Students of this age range really start to develop improved co-ordination and basic self-defence. Many more blocks, punches, strike and kicks to grasp here (compared to the earlier age range class) and the regular attendance ensures a good overall standard and excellent level of fitness for children.

12 years to adult – everyone attends twice a week with class times ranging from an hour and twenty minutes to two hours. Serious fitness and serious effort here! We don’t give belts away and grades must be earned! We are very proud to maintain a high standard and many of our black belts go on to represent the national team at european and world level competitions. But it’s not all about competing. A lot of our students are well into their 50′s and some in their 60′s! The regular sessions provide them with a good workout, self-defence, flexibility and confidence.

What you need to start? Well the answer is that you need very little to start training in Taekwon-Do – just plenty of enthusiasm. In time you will need a uniform (Dobok) which you can obtain through your Instructor. We do not insist you purchase sparring equipment from us although we are able to obtain it for you, for the same cost as it is sold in the shops (sometimes cheaper). You are however most welcome to purchase it elsewhere. But we ask that you talk to us before you buy to ensure you are meeting various safety requirements.

What can you hope to achieve from training in Taekwon-Do? Apart from the obvious benefits of self-defence, training in Taekwon-Do will increase your levels of fitness and flexibility. It will also give rise to new levels of confidence (especially in children) and the regular exercise also helps people to combat stress and weight problems. It’s highly probable that you will make new, like-minded friends as well.