On returning to martial arts after an extended break I found Mr Adams’s TKD
club very friendly and an excellent fitness workout. The coaching is excellent
and there is a good atmosphere for martial arts enthusiasts at every level.”

Brendan McCormack (Student – Alton Class)

I am happy to recommend the classes run by Learn-TKD, even for a person like me,
at 50+. I would say that, if someone wants to do the same exercises every week,
if they don’t want to particularly engage their brain, or if they enjoy being
made to feel inadequate by younger or more talented students in a class, then
LEARN TKD is not for them. I really enjoy the variety, and the push the class
gives me to improve in fitness, flexibility and focus, and I appreciate the
excellent atmosphere that there is between all the people in the classes”.

Michael (Student – Ash and Farnborough class)

Brilliant fun and the best club I’ve ever been to!”

Toby Morris aged 7 (Student – Alton class)

A superb learning atmosphere and excellent
instructional technique in a disciplined framework. A joy to have an environment
where praise is earnt and not automatically bestowed simply for turning up.
Great fun and valuable life skills taught. Many, many thanks!”

Ali and Andy (Parents – Alton class)