9th and 10th December 2017 – test results

9th December 2017 test results.
Congratulations to the following students…

Simon Grainger (Aldershot) promoted to 6th kup
Michael Champion (Alton) promoted to 6th kup
Matthew Jarvis (Fleet) promoted to 6th kup
Lewis Rowley, (Fleet) promoted to 6th kup
Frey Bartholomew (Fleet) promoted to 6th kup
Lucy Smith (Fleet) promoted to 6th kup
Emily Culyer (Fleet) promoted to 6th kup

10th December 2017 test results.
Congratulations to the following students…

James Troughton (Alton) promoted to 1st kup
Josh Ordonez (Aldershot) promoted to 2nd kup
Melanie Lusted (Alton) promoted to 3rd kup
Reuben Gilbert (Alton) promoted to 3rd kup
Aaron Raguro (Aldershot) promoted to 3rd kup
James Myers (Aldershot) promoted to 3rd kup


Test results

Congratulations to the following people on their promotions after the testing on the 30th September.

Promoted to 8th Kup – Claire Richards (Aldershot TKD)

Promoted to 7th Kup – Milo Driver (Alton TKD), Dario Wesemeyer (Aldershot TKD), Thomas Edward (Aldershot TKD), Gary Brett (Aldershot TKD), Aidan Clift (Fleet TKD)

Promoted to 6th Kup – Finn James (Alton TKD), Joshua Holloway (Guildford TKD)


tyler plank

Alton Junior plank Challenge

Woah! 6 minutes 30 seconds gets Tyler the Junior Plank Challenge trophy at LEARN TKD Alton. And what a trophy – it’s as big as he is! Well done Tyler. Worth a mention though that all of the children put in a massive effort, with many of them hitting the five minute mark. Wonder if their parents could match that?

donna and kerim web

Black Belt promotions

After an intensive 9 hour testing in Kent last weekend, I am very pleased to announce the promotions of Donna James and Kerim Mencoglu (both from our Alton School) to Black Belt 1st Dan.

I’m sure they will both be valuable assets to their school and to the association in general and I look forward to their continual development in Taekwon-Do.

The next official Black Belt testing will be in November, where hopefully we will see more success. But there is also a senior Dan grade test to be held on 26th August by Master Philip Lear. Fingers crossed for more great new for Alton next week!


Guildford Junior Plank Challenge

Some really good results with the class and a very close decider between James Myers and Paddy. But Paddy manages to clinch it with a five minute plank and gets himself the Plank Champion Trophy. Well done!


Fleet TKD – Junior Plank Challenge

LEARN TKD Instructor Paul Adams decided to recycle some of his old trophies and so gave his junior classes a “Plank Challenge”. Winner of the Fleet class was 5th kup, Henry. 5 minutes and 18 seconds! Well done. It was a close call with so many students way over the 3 minute mark. Remarkable stuff.

Cian Gold

T-UK Championships and National team selection.

LEARN TKD’s Alton student, Cian Hosking 1st Dan, won GOLD in his division at the T-UK Taekwon-Do Championships on Sunday 16th July. The event was also being used for the National Team selections for the World Championships in Ireland later this year. So fingers crossed Cian may have landed himself a place with the National squad. Good luck Cian, everyone is hoping you get that spot!!


VTA Black Belt Testing

14 hopeful students attended the first of this years Vision Taekwon-Do Association’s Black Belt testing on Saturday 15th July. A very demanding 9 hour testing for candidates hoping to be promoted to grades ranging from 1st to 3rd Dan black belt. So just enough time for a coffee for the examiners on the panel. Pictured from left to right – Mr Luke Thompson, 5th degree, Master Philip Lear, 7th degree and Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree. Examiner Mr Michael Turner, 4th degree was also in attendance to oversee the testing.


LEARN TKD hopes to release news of newly promoted students very soon.

Colin Faires

Another Taekwon-Do related award!

LEARN TKD Taekwon-Do would like to congratulate Colin Faires who has just received an honour from the Queen!!

Colin trains with LEARN TKD at their Aldershot class in addition to his regular Army Taekwon-Do training. Please see the attached newspaper article for the while story…..

Colin Faires


“Exceptional Sports Person of the Year”

LEARN TKD Fleet are proud to announce their student Oliver Adams has been awarded the Rushmoor and Hart Primary Schools “Exceptional Sports Person of the Year” 2017 award.

Oliver was nominated by his school for the award, due to his commitment and success with sporting activities at school, but moreso his continual success with his Taekwon-Do. Organisers reminded all of the children nominated and in attendance, that just to be nominated for the awards ceremony was a great achievement, given there are some 9,000 children in the Hart and Rushmoor area. The nominations for Exceptional Sports Person 2017 were announced by Olympic medalist and former World Champion rower Debbie Flood, who eventually announced Oliver as the successful winner and presented him with award. Well done young man everyone is really proud of you.