ITF World Cup 2016

On the 11th October Vision TKD sent a team of 28 competitors, supporters and coaches to the ITF World Cup in Budapest, Hungary. After arriving in Hungary the team made their way straight to the weigh in and registration. It was a long day of travelling so all the competitors were very happy to have made their weight categories without issue. The team then went back to the hotel for dinner, a team meeting and an early night.

On the Wednesday the competition started and it was a full day of patterns. Despite nearly all the team competing it was a tough day with only Mr Arroyo, Thicome Biron-Monnier and Ellena Lobley progressing through a few rounds. Just when the team were starting to look deflated after no medals Mr Arroyo made his way into the 4-6th degree patterns final and secured a silver medal.


On the second day of competition the team were a bit more fired up as there was a lot of sparring happening and that is what most of the competitors had come for. We were not disappointed as Mike Rutherford fought bravely despite hardly being able to walk on his injured ankle and got a bronze medal. Then later in the same day Lee Higgins had some excellent fights to also secure a bronze medal. Although not winning any medals James Troughton, Izzie Eason Warner and Ellena Lobley all put in some great performances getting through the rounds and narrowly missed out on finishing on the podium.


The Friday was perhaps our toughest day as we had lots of black belts sparring and colour belt special technique and the categories were very tough. Despite some good performances we came away with no medals and some bruised bodies.

The Saturday was another tough day as it was all special technique and not the teams strong point. However, Mr Thompson kept things interesting for the spectators by making his way through the rounds and only just missed out on a medal, finishing 4th in the play off. Izzie Eason Warner turned the teams morale arounds with a great performance, securing the silver medal in special technique. To keep the squad motivated we got back to the hotel earlier and organised some better food for the team, making it a fun evening for all.


As 95% of the squad had finished competing the coaches offered the team a later start on the final day and making it optional to come and support the 3 coaches who were the only people with competition events. It was great to see everyone turn up early and support the coaches who had worked tirelessly all week. Mr Edmunds completed the day with some smashing stuff to get the silver medal.

Although it was not the biggest medal haul the team was a very inexperienced squad who will have all learned a lot from their first major international.

Many thanks to the Umpire’s from the association, Master Chesterman, Mr Lear and Mr Bourne who worked very hard all week to make the competition possible.

Also, many thanks to the coaching staff, Mr Dunn, Mr Adams, Mr Thompson, Mr Arroyo and Mr Edmunds who not only worked hard all week but also put in the hours behind the scenes organising squad sessions, transport, hotels, meals, equipment etc

And lastly, special thanks to the supporters who came along and kept the team going all week even when things were not going our way. Well done everyone.

Check out the photos here.

Mr A

Mr Adams to step down from coaching the national team

ITF England recently confirmed that LEARN TKD Instructor Mr Adams has decided to step down from his coaching role for 2017 so as to concentrate more time with his family. The teams head coach said “it has been an absolute pleasure to have Mr Adams as part of the coaching staff and he has been instrumental in much of the success we have had in the last 4 years. Thank you Mr Adams for your hard work and your time”. Mr Adams would like to wish everyone the best of luck with the National Team selections in November and hopes to catch up with everyone at some point and possibly returning to the squad some time in the future.

Group web

End of term Test Day

The end of term Test Day for the 3 to 6 years and 6 to 11 years had a slightly different feel to it in July. A problem on the day meant no venue!! But no need to panic, with well over 130 children and their parents on their way, Mr Adams and his team calmly transferred operations to the park outside the original venue, the grey skies turned to blue, the sun came out, and with a quick run to the local supermarket for several bottles of sun cream, it was full steam ahead.

3 to 6 web









As is now customary, demonstrations are now performed for the younger students to give them an understand of what they can aspire to as they grow older. This term for the 3 to 6 years tests, children from previously 3 to 6 years classes were invited to come along and perform demonstrations for the younger children. Thank you to Reuben Gilbert, Carys Janaway, Henry Evans and Oliver Adams, for performing Patterns, Sparring and Flying Side Kick displays for the youngest students.

demo shirt web









As an appreciation for the help the demo team were all presented with LEARN TKD Demo Team T-Shirts and medals for their competitive sparring.

Despite the problems with the venue, the day ran on schedule. It was great to see all the junior white belts performing LEARN TKD’s unique tag grade syllabus, with some completing the program this term and receiving their yellow belts.

yellow belt web









With additional demo’s performed by the black belts for the 6 to 11 year olds, the junior “Pump Side Kick” competition and the test day award for the best person on the day, it was another successful day for all involved.

certs 2 web








A very busy weekend, as quite a few people for up early again the following for the Vision Taekwon-Do Association Championships (second leg) in Redhill.

certs web








UKTA Welsh Open Championships

Cerys Janaway from our 6 to 11 years junior class in Alton, just happened to be going to Wales on the weekend of the UKTA Welsh Open, so managed to squeeze a comp in too. An excellent performance and a well earned Silver Medal in the green belt junior sparring. Well done Cerys!

Team Pat

European Championships success

Congratulations to our Alton and Aldershot student Peter Morris, who recently returned home with a Silver Medal, after competing in the ITF European Taekwon-Do Championships in Tampere, Finland.

Fifteen-year-old Peter, who only passed his black belt and earned his place in the national team last year, won his medal as part of the junior male patterns team, coached by LEARN TKD Instructor and national team coach Paul Adams, Peter was the youngest member of the team of five boys who were narrowly beaten in the finals by Poland. He was knocked out of the competition in his individual events by the eventual silver and bronze medallists from Finland and Germany. But gained valuable experience as a result and is obviously thrilled to return home from his first ever International with a medal.

Peter web










He hopes he can continue to represent England in the future for both patterns and sparring and will attend the next selection competition in November to try and secure his place in the national squad for next year’s European Championships in Bulgaria and the World Championships in Ireland.
Although being the original version of the martial art, ITF Taekwon-Do is not the type that you see on TV as part of the Olympics, and has a different style and set of rules. Sadly, as a result, all government funding goes to the Olympic WTF style. So if there are any local companies who would like to consider sponsoring any students in future, please get in touch with US. LEARN TKD have produced both adult and junior national team members every year for the last seven years, testimony to the high standards that we work to in our classes. Anyone interested in learning Taekwon-Do with us, should be prepared to work hard. Our grades have to be earned!

Euros team

National team update

Well all the hard work has been done and now it’s time for Team England to go out to Finland for the European Championships and do the business. LEARN TKD would like to wish the team and especially their own students mates Maxim Boyce Davies and Peter Morris the best of luck in their respective events. Pictured here with their Instructor and England coach, Paul Adams.

The full 2016 team below.

Full Team


Junior test day 19th March 2016 – Results

All of our 3 to 6 years and 6 to 11 year classes from Alton, Camberly, Guildford, Farnborough and Fleet came together for an absolutely massive junior test day on 19th March 2016. Instructors Mr Adams, Mr and Mrs Fox Longdon and four black belt assistants looked after about 130 children over the course of eight hours of fun games, pad drills, terminology and “plank tests”, with a black belts patterns demonstration also. 3 to 6 years earning their next tag, certificate and dobok badge and the whites belts earning their tags and certificates too.

In the 6 to 11 years testings, special mention for Kyran Levey, Oliver Adams, Sonny Wood, Sebastian Clayton, Cameron Williams Wynn, Sami Miroui, and Ryan Hilliar. They all completed their tag program and were promoted 8th kup yellow belt.

Joshua Holloway (Guildford) and Kyran Levey (Alton) both won the “top marks” trophy for scoring the most points in their respective testings. Lucie Warner (Fleet) and Uri Quadros (Farnborough)

Below are some photos of the day….

order web
 dm3 web
 Fleet Fri web
 plank web
 Josh Holloway Top marks web
 BBs web
 group web

Kup testing 12th March 2016 – Results

LEARN TKD held a kup grade testing for White, Yellow and Green belts on 12th March 2016, and as a result, we are pleased to announce the following promotions…

James Troughton promoted to 4th Kup

Josh Ordonez promoted to 4th Kup

Oliver Longley promoted to 5th Kup

Aaron Raguro promoted to 5th Kup

Charlie Burton promoted to 5th kup

Cerys Janaway promoted to 6th kup

Reuben Gilbert promoted to 6th kup

Tyler Edwards Jupe promoted to 6th kup

Christian Mirandah promoted to 6th kup

Julia Morris promoted to 6th kup

Alfie Tatner promoted to 6th kup

Ansa Sunil promoted to 6th kup

Oliver Arkell promoted to 6th kup

Yrich Viceda promoted to 7th kup

James Myers promoted to 7th kup

Emmanuel Mirandah promoted to 7th kup

Theresa Mirandah promoted to 7th kup

Max Sellen promoted to 7th kup

Owen Sellen promoted to 7th kup

Melanie Lusted promoted to 7th kup

Callum Churcher promoted to 7th kup

Louis Wood promoted to 7th kup

Joshua Costelo promoted to 8th kup

Jasmine Costelo promoted to 8th kup

Garry Churcher promoted to 9th kup

Richard Warren promoted to 9th kup

Examiner on the day was Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree.


4th to 2nd kup testing – 5th March 2016

LEARN TKD held a testing for 4th to 2nd kups on the 5th March 2016, and we are pleased to announce the following promotions…

Christian Fattore promotion to 1st kup

Joshua Byford promotion to 1st kup

Donna James promotion to 1st kup

Alarnie Yeomans promotion to 2nd kup

Leah Hewitt promotion to 2nd kup

San Dauncey promotion to 3rd kup

Lucas Pedersen promotion to 3rd kup

The examiners on the day were Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree and Mr Michael Turner 4th degree


Dutch Open 2016

Well done to everyone from Vision Taekwon-Do Association that competed at the Dutch Open on the 24th Jan. Our own students all put in great performances. With Peter Morris (Alton) taking Silver in the 1st Dan junior patterns and bronze in the black belt junior sparring. Reuben Gilbert (Alton) Bronze in the junior yellow belt patterns.

R and P DO web

Maxim Boyce Davis was unlikely not to finish with a gold, but had to retire from the competition after tearing a ligament in his semi-final win in the Black Belt sparring and so settled for Silver.

Maxim DO web

A report on the dutch Open with some photos can be found on our association website.